Lasry today released a new TV ad slamming Johnson, charging the Oshkosh Republican with “selling out American jobs to make more for himself.”

The $548,000 spot will run in Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay. Lasry in a release said Dems must band together and support Barnes in order to beat Johnson, “which is why I’m setting the tone by significantly investing in the future of this race and Wisconsin.”

The ad features a voiceover slamming Johnson’s record on American industry.

“The record shows Johnson defended a company that moved Wisconsin jobs overseas, praising outsourcing as ‘economically efficient’ because products can be made ‘dirt cheap’ in other countries. And Johnson personally profited from a tax law that rewarded companies who outsource American jobs to China.” the voiceover says.

Johnson has disputed claims he benefited from the tax law, which PolitiFact earlier this year said had no provision that would have moved American jobs to China.

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