Milwaukee – A new poll released by the Lasry campaign today shows Alex Lasry’s momentum continuing to surge in the final two months of the primary campaign. Since last fall, Alex has gained 27 points of support, moving into a statistical tie with Mandela Barnes, leaving the rest of the field behind.

The polling memo released by the Lasry campaign notes that Lasry “continues to grow his share of the vote even as all four of the candidates have begun to communicate on television” and that his “momentum is even more apparent among voters who are familiar with more of the candidates.”

The poll goes on to say that 37% of respondents believe that Lasry is the best candidate to take on Ron Johnson. It also notes that Lasry has a clear advantage on the economy, with 31% of respondents saying he is the best choice to get our economy on track, while only 22% believe so for Barnes and just 17% for Godlewski.

“We’re seeing poll after poll showing the same thing–Alex Lasry has made this primary into a two-person race and he is quickly surging to overtake the competition,” said Garren Randolph, Lasry’s campaign manager. “Voters in Wisconsin are looking for a problem solver, not just another career politician. They know Alex is best suited to help fix the economy and he has the best chance to beat Ron Johnson in November.”

This is not the first poll to highlight Lasry’s surging momentum; the most recent Marquette Poll from the end of March also showed that Lasry was surging toward the top of the pack and is in a statistical tie with Barnes.

The Democratic Primary Election for the United States Senate will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. For more information about Alex Lasry’s campaign, visit

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