Milwaukee – Yesterday, Alex Lasry’s campaign for U.S. Senate released a new “Workers’ Bill of Rights,” a plan dedicated to protecting the rights of workers and unions across Wisconsin that has been endorsed by leaders across the state.

Lasry’s plan calls for guaranteeing all workers the right to organize, establishing a $15 federal minimum wage, guaranteeing paid leave to all workers, and outlawing right-to-work laws, among other policy changes.

“For far too long, our workers have been punished due to greedy companies prioritizing profits over people, and Wisconsinites have had enough,” said Alex Lasry. “I’ve always been a strong advocate for workers’ rights and unions–ensuring that all 10,000 construction jobs created by building Fiserv Forum and the resulting jobs in the arena were filled with Wisconsin union labor.”

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Alex Lasry releases ‘Workers’ Bill of Rights’

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel// Bill Glauber

Reaffirming his strong support for unions, Alex Lasry released a “Workers’ Bill of Rights” as he pushed for a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, guaranteed paid leave to all workers and a federal ban on so-called “right to work laws.”

Earlier in the campaign, Lasry released a pro-union blueprint to raise wages.”For far too long, our workers have been punished due to greedy companies prioritizing profits over people,” Lasry said in a statement.

Lasry’s 11-point plan included a call to pay a fair wage to workers in childcare, home health care and long-term care, classifying most gig workers as employees to allow them to join a union and boosting civil fines for violations of federal labor law during union campaigns.

Lasry said he would push at the federal level to outlaw “right-to-work” laws that have been implemented in 28 states, including Wisconsin, which passed the measure in 2015.

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WQOW News: Alex Lasry Unveils Worker Bill of Rights Plan

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[email protected]  Workers have been punished by greedy companies prioritizing profits over people & Wisconsinites have had enough.

I’ve just released a Workers’ Bill of Rights I plan to champion when I’m in the Senate:

—Right to organize

—$15 min wage

—Paid leave

—& More

Lasry Travels to Eau Claire to Tour UA Local 434 Training Facility

On Thursday, Lasry toured UA Local 434 Training Facility and meet with Labor Leaders to discuss his new Workers’ Bill of Rights.

[email protected] Met with Labor Leaders from UA Local 434 to discuss my new Workers’ Bill of Rights.

We had great conversations about protecting everyone’s right to unionize and giving workers a seat at the table.


Lasry Visits Solar Forma

Lasry took a tour of Solar Forma in Eau Claire to discuss innovative technologies regarding renewable energy.

[email protected] I met with Brian Graff and his team at Solar Forma in Eau Claire to discuss innovative ways technology enhances renewable energy.

It’s exciting to see how businesses are creating good paying green jobs that will help combat climate change, create jobs and boost the economy.

Lasry Tours Chippewa Valley Technical College

He toured the energy education center and discussed the importance of investing in technical higher education.

[email protected] Chippewa Valley Technical College offers top notch education w/flexible schedules to meet the needs of Wisconsinites

I was blown away by the tour of their CVTC Energy Education Center & the vast array of programs they offer

THIS is exactly where we need to be investing more in

Lasry Visits America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee

Lasry takes a visit to America’s Black Holocaust Museum with Bucks President Pete Feigin and ABHM President and CEO Dr. Robert Davis.

[email protected] Bucks President @PFeigin and I had a powerful visit at the @ABHMuseum here in Milwaukee with President and CEO Dr. Robert Davis.

I encourage everyone to take some time this summer to visit America’s Black Holocausts Museum and remember to reflect on our painful past.

Ron Johnson Won’t Protect Wisconsin From Gun Violence, But I Will

Milwaukee Courier// Alex Lasry

It’s been devastating to see the news of the shocking number of mass shootings taking place across the country. Almost every day we see more and more people dying because of senseless, preventable acts of gun violence. From the shooting in downtown Milwaukee, to the terrible tragedy in Uvalde, and most recent shootings in Tulsa and Racine, we’re seeing one of our nation’s biggest epidemics on full display, and Ron Johnson refuses to do anything about it.

After accepting over $1.2 million and an ‘A rating’ from the National Rifle Association, Ron Johnson is compromised. It’s clear that he will do nothing to protect our children and our communities, and will actively oppose any efforts to stiffen current gun laws.

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[email protected] Eliminate the filibuster and ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, impose waiting limits on firearm purchases, and make universal background checks mandatory all across the country


Lasry Celebrates Pride Month at Milwaukee’s Pride Parade with his wife, Lauren, and his daughter, Eleanor, and Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley. 

[email protected] So much fun and celebration at Milwaukee’s Pride Parade!

It’s time to pass the #EqualityAct and ensure no one faces discrimination for who they are or who they love.

Last weekend, Lasry Visited the Fox Valley, Door County, St. Croix County, and Dunn CountyNortheast & Northwest Wisconsin

In the wake of the recent mass shootings, Lasry Attended Everytown Gun Violence Rally in Appleton, Wisconsin to discuss gun safety laws with Wisconsinites.

[email protected] Today, I #WearOrange on Gun Violence Awareness Day to honor the countless lives lost and impacted by gun violence every year.

It’s time to eliminate the filibuster, pass common sense gun safety laws and create a future free from gun violence.

Wisconsin Democrat Meet & Greets with Door County, St. Croix and Dunn County

[email protected] Having a great time meeting with Door County Dems.

They are fired up and ready to kick Ron Johnson out of office.

[email protected] It was great meeting with folks from @StCroixDems today.

Folks know I am our best shot at winning against Ron Johnson.

Together, we are going to win on August 9th and again in November. #TeamLasry

[email protected] We’re bringing our grassroots campaign to living rooms, coffee shops, picnics and more.

Thank you Dunn County for showing up and getting ready to get rid of self-serving Ron Johnson.

Lasry Announces Endorsements from Mayor Mike Wiza, Great Lakes Intertribal Council President Shannon Holsey, Judge Joe Donald and Former State Senator Dave Hansen

Stevens Point Mayor Mike Wiza

[email protected] For the past 7 years @Stevens_PointWI Mayor Mike Wiza has been dedicated to the city and people of Stevens Point.

I’m honored to have Mike on #TeamLasry and I look forward the great work ahead.

Great Lakes Intertribal Council President Shannon Holsey

[email protected] I am proud to receive the support from Great Lakes Intertribal Council President @ShannonHolsey.

Shannon’s leadership among the Native American community is admirable. I am honored to be working with her and expanding access for minority communities across the state. #TeamLasry

Former State Senator Dave Hansen

[email protected] Former State Senator Dave Hansen from Green Bay is a beloved and strong advocate for unions across the state.

I am honored to have his support and look forward to growing the #UnionStrong movement with him in Wisconsin and across the nation.


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