Milwaukee – Today, U.S. Senate candidate Alex Lasry announced that his campaign distributed “Confirm Judge Jackson” yard signs over the weekend in support of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson becoming the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Alex Lasry made the following statement in support of the confirmation of Judge Jackson:

“During last week’s confirmation hearings, Judge Jackson showed unequivocally she is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. Throughout more than 20 hours of questioning, not only did she demonstrate her depth of experience and expertise in the law, but also her understanding of the role of a Supreme Court Justice.

“Despite being subjected to misguided partisan attacks, Judge Jackson displayed the poise and temperament that showed the American public she will be an exceptional Justice. The Senate Judiciary Committee, and subsequently the entire U.S. Senate should move forward immediately to confirm her as our next Supreme Court Justice as soon as possible.

“Judge Jackson’s nomination is something that we should all be proud of. Our campaign is excited to help Wisconsinites show their public support of Judge Jackson with yard signs across our communities.”

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