Milwaukee – This week, Alex Lasry slammed Ron Johnson for doing nothing to protect Wisconsin from gun violence and marched with students advocating for gun safety. He also traveled to Racine, Marquinhos, Madison, Cleveland, Sheboygan, Manitowoc and received endorsements from several local leaders.

Alex Lasry on New Bipartisan Gun Safety Agreement: “Ron Johnson Once Again Chooses To Do Nothing”

In response to the news of a bipartisan deal on gun control legislation Alex Lasry released the following statement:

“This past week, a group of bipartisan Senators came together and announced a breakthrough agreement on gun violence, and as expected, our do-nothing incumbent’s name was missing from the list of supporters.”

“Ron Johnson once again chooses to do nothing. Despite shockingly high levels of gun violence in our Wisconsin communities this year, Ron Johnson, who’s taken over $1.2 million from the National Rifle Association, remains silent.”

“While I don’t believe the proposal goes far enough, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Wisconsin deserves a Senator that will speak up and vote for the lifesaving policies we need, like banning assault rifles and mandating universal background checks–which is exactly what Wisconsinites can expect from me if they send me to Washington.”

Read the full release HERE.

Lasry Marches in March For Our Lives Rally in Milwaukee

Last Saturday, June 11th, Lasry attended a rally hosted by March For Our Lives. He joined the Milwaukee community to stand up against the recent and ongoing gun violence epidemic in our communities. Recently, Lasry released a public safety plan highlighting his support for universal background checks, banning assault weapons, and imposing waiting limits on firearms.

@AlexLasryWI Today I rallied with @AMarch4OurLives.

Our kids are the future and we must protect them.

It’s time to ban assault weapons. NOW.

@AlexLasryWI Today I marched for all the families, parents, and friends who lost a loved one to gun violence.

Enough is enough.

We need to #EliminateTheFilibuster and pass common-sense gun safety laws.


Lasry Travels to Racine for Juneteenth Opening Reception

Saturday afternoon, Lasry traveled to Racine and attend the Juneteenth opening reception at Mahogany Gallery.

Lasry Attends Grassroots Northshore Meet & Greet

On Sunday, Lasry attended the Grassroots Northshore Candidate Meet & Greet in Mequon.

@AlexLasryWI Love being on the campaign trail with Eleanor.

Everyone we talked to said 2 things:

—They loved Eleanor

—And they are ready to get rid of Ron Johnson

Let’s do this

Lasry Attends Pre-Fathers Day Celebration at El Bethel Church

Sunday evening Lasry participated in a pre-Fathers Day celebration at El Bethel Church for a meet and greet.

@AlexLasryWI Had my sidekick help me while I met members of El Bethel Church at the Pre-Father’s Day Celebration.

Happy (Early) Father’s Day to all dads in Wisconsin and across the nation!

Lasry Visits Retirement Community in Madison

On Monday Lasry traveled to Madison to visit and meet with residents at Oakwood Village University Woods Retirement Community.

Alex Lasry Had a great time visiting and hearing from residents at the Oakwood Village University Woods Retirement Community in Madison today.

Together we will make sure Wisconsinites finally have two Senators looking out for them.

Lasry Tours Family Farm in Cleveland 

Lasry visited the Saxon Homestead Farm, touring the 6th generation facility, and discusses supply chain issues and inflation’s growing effect on the farming industry.

@AlexLasryWI COVID, supply chain issues & inflation has made life beyond hard for our farmers

Wisconsin farmers like the Klessig’s & their 6 generation family farm Saxon Homestead Farm help drive our local economy

Our farmers have always been there for us—it’s high time we’re there for them

Lasry Met with Local Leaders & Elected Officials from Sheboygan and Manitowoc

@AlexLasryWI Had a great time meeting with local leaders & elected officials from Sheboygan and Manitowoc.

Folks are ready to get Ron Johnson out of office and finally have two Senators fighting for them. #TeamLasry

Lasry Announces Support from Local Leaders

State Representative Lisa Subeck, Brown County Supervisor Megan Borchardt, Beloit County Supervisor Markese Terrell, Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer, Former Kenosha County Supervisor Boyd Frederick, Former Rock County Supervisor Wes Davis, IBEW Local 494, Point School Board Vice President Dennis Raabe, Kenosha Alderman Rollin Pizzala and Milwaukee Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd

State Representative Lisa Subeck

@AlexLasryWI I am proud to have the support of State Representative @LisaSubeck

I look forward to working with Lisa to protect a women’s right to choose and codify Roe #TeamLasry

Brown County Supervisor Megan Borchardt 

@AlexLasryWI I am proud to have the support of Brown County Supervisor Megan Borchardt!

Megan is a tremendous resource to her constituents. I am excited to work with her and deliver for Wisconsinites. #TeamLasry

Beloit County Supervisor Markese Terrell

@AlexLasryWI Proud to have Beloit County Supervisor Markese Terrell’s support on and off the court.
Looking forward to shooting some more hoops and building a better Wisconsin together. #TeamLasry

Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer

@AlexLasryWI Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer is a proven champion for public employees and I am honored to have his support.

Together we will work to build a better future for all Wisconsinites. #TeamLasry

Former Kenosha County Supervisor Boyd Frederick

@AlexLasryWI Former @KenoshaCounty Supervisor Boyd Frederick is a dedicated public servant.

I am proud to receive his support and look forward to building our relationship for the people of Wisconsin. #TeamLasry

Former Rock County Supervisor Wes Davis

@AlexLasryWI I am proud to receive the support of former Rock County Supervisor Wes Davis.

I am looking forward to working with him to build a better future for Wisconsinites. #TeamLasry


IBEW Local 494

@AlexLasryWI Proud to have @IBEWLocal494’s #UnionStrong support

Together we will take on Ron Johnson, pass the #PROAct and so much more!


Point School Board Vice President Dennis Raabe
@AlexLasryWI .@PointSchools Board Vice President Dennis Raabe is a proven leader in Wisconsin and I am proud to receive his support. Together we will move Wisconsin forward. #TeamLasry

Kenosha Alderman Rollin Pizzala

@AlexLasryWI I am proud to receive the support from @City_of_Kenosha Alderman Rollin Pizzala.

Together Rollin and I will work for the people of Wisconsin. I look forward to working with him on #TeamLasry.

Milwaukee Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd

@AlexLasryWI Milwaukee Alderwoman @DoddNikiya  has always put the people of Milwaukee first.

I am honored to receive support from my good friend and look forward continuing to bringing real change to the people of Wisconsin. #TeamLasry

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