Milwaukee – Yesterday, Alex Lasry released his bold public safety plan, which has received high praise from elected officials and community leaders all across Wisconsin. Alex’s plan aims to fix the wrongdoings in our criminal justice system and tackle head on the record-breaking levels of crime we’ve seen.

Read below what Wisconsinites have been saying about Alex’s plan:

“As the new chair of the Milwaukee Common Council’s Public Safety and Health Committee, I greatly appreciate Alex’s plan to keep our communities safe and it certainly is not abolishing the police – which is why I’m endorsing Alex Lasry and his plan to bring real change to the people of Wisconsin. Wisconsinites know we’re facing serious issues with rising crime in our country, and our communities can’t afford to be neglected any longer by a do-nothing Ron Johnson. Alex Lasry will stand up for our communities of color by passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and funding universal body camera data storage and security to ensure that no one is treated differently by the police. Alex is the leader we need to make the changes that we desire to see in our community, that’s why he has my support.” — Milwaukee Alderwoman JoCasta Zamarripa 

“I know that Alex is prepared to tackle the issue of gun violence and this plan is an important first step. Alex’s plans to get and keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them will make a major difference in keeping our communities safe. In addition, his plans to address mental health and underlying causes of crime and violence will only further that safety, which will ultimately help to heal our communities.” — Khary Penebaker, DNC Member

“Alex’s proposed investments in community based violence prevention programs are exactly what we need right now. His bold vision to move Wisconsin forward is what we need to keep our communities safe and beat Ron Johnson in November.” — David Crowley, Milwaukee County Executive

Leaders across Wisconsin are sending a clear message—Alex is the person to lead us through this public safety crisis. We need bold ideas to move us forward, and plans like this show that Alex is the best candidate to take on Ron Johnson in November.

You can read the full plan HERE.

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