Milwaukee – Today, Alex Lasry’s campaign released a new TV ad focusing on the difficulties Wisconsinites are facing everyday. Lasry addresses these challenges head-on, citing record-high inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and threats to a woman’s right to choose as reasons why we need to vote Ron Johnson out in November.

Lasry says we have to have a “head-on” approach in order to tackle these challenges–assuring Wisconsinites that he is the best candidate to address these problems because of his track record of “getting things done.” He also insists that we must lower the price of prescription drugs, put money back into working people’s pockets, and protect every woman’s right to choose—no matter what. But, in order to start tackling these challenges, we must defeat Ron Johnson.

Do-nothing incumbent Ron Johnson has opposed plans to lower prescription drug costs, and he’s called bills protecting a woman’s right to choose “radical legislation.” It’s clear  that Ron Johnson has no interest in solving the challenges facing the people of Wisconsin.

WATCH “Challenges” HERE


Lasry: The challenges we face today feel monumental. Inflation, gas prices, and now an unthinkable threat to a woman’s right to choose.

I’m Alex Lasry and I have a track record of getting things done, that’s how you know I’ll work for you.

By lowering prescription drug prices, putting more money into people’s pockets and protecting every woman’s right to choose – no matter what.

This is why we must defeat Ron Johnson and start meeting our challenges head-on. That’s why I approve this message. 

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