MADISON – Wisconsin’s local government associations announced a new statewide digital TV ad campaign that will air a 30-second election security ad found here through Election Day. There will also be a push on social media to highlight the long-form version of this ad, which can be found here. These videos remind voters of important details they need to know about how their local election officials ensure Wisconsin’s elections are safe and secure.

“Clerks and other election officials go to great lengths to ensure votes are accurately counted,” said Jerry Deschane, Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities. “Election officials and poll workers are your friends, family, and neighbors, and they’re dedicated to following this rigorous process. If you have a question, we invite you to talk to your local clerk to learn more about our election processes.”

Watch the long-form video here.

“Our local officials are working tirelessly to once again ensure our elections are fair, honest and carried out in strict accordance with the law,” said Wisconsin Counties Association President & CEO Mark D. O’Connell. “Elections are at the foundation of our democracy and these dedicated individuals are of the highest caliber and integrity, performing their jobs in an exemplary manner in a challenging environment.”

Watch the 30-second video here.

“Election day is almost here. After months of preparation, testing, and retesting, Wisconsin’s clerks and the thousands of volunteer election workers are set to implement the rigorous task of implementing a sound election,” stated Mike Koles, Executive Director, Wisconsin Towns Association. “The deliberative process of multiple checks and security ensure your friends will once again come through for Wisconsin.”

The video features Wisconsin election clerks demonstrating how Wisconsin voters’ ballots are accurately counted. The group’s goal is to educate Wisconsin voters on how our elections are administered at a local level, and work to build voters’ faith in our elections.

This campaign is the final initiative during this election cycle of the Build Trust in Elections Coalition, co-founded by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin Counties Association, and Wisconsin Towns Association. It follows previous activity that included the 30-second PSA called, “Your Ballot,” that ran on both TV and radio stations across the state ahead of the Aug. 9 primary election and a PSA called, “We Trust Them,” which ran on both TV and radio stations across the state ahead of the April 5 election.

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