MADISON— Today, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin’s executive director, Debra Cronmiller, issued the following statement in response to the SCOTUS Dobbs v. JWHO decision.

“This is a difficult time for people across Wisconsin who now find themselves unsure of what control they will have over their own bodies.

“A majority of Wisconsinites want safe, legal abortions for themselves, their family and friends. This will affect us all, but the barriers will be most staggering for people who are low-income, people of color and those living in rural areas.

“Wisconsin has a law from 1849 that is a nearly total ban on abortion. We cannot idly sit by as our state backslides and courts and elected officials ignore the will of voters.

“The courts should protect our rights. Not take them away–especially after decades of precedent. We now look to our state legislatures and state supreme court justices as the right to an abortion will come down to state-by-state decision making.

“The League will continue to call on our elected officials to represent their constituents. We will advocate, organize and work to ensure abortion access and reproductive freedom for all.

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