The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (LPWI) has earned ballot access status for the 2024 presidential elections. With the state’s November election results now certified, the Libertarian candidate for Wisconsin’s Secretary of State, Neil Harmon, gathered 2.1% of the popular vote, on 54,386 ballots cast for him. Exceeding the required minimum of 1% of the vote total in a state-wide race to qualify for the status, the LPWI may now place its candidates for President and Vice-President on the Wisconsin ballot in 2024 without needing to gather several thousand signatures. The Libertarians join Wisconsin’s Green and Constitution parties who achieved similar access status in this year’s general election.

Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Chair Jacob VandenPlas said in a statement, “I am very proud of all of our candidates and volunteers for their efforts to put us in a position to win in the future.” VandenPlas, himself the Libertarian candidate in Wisconsin’s 8th US Congressional district, took a whopping 10.5% of the vote on 32,021 votes in just that one district, in a contested race to unseat an incumbent.

With more votes going to more parties the last two elections, the electorate seems increasingly open to other viewpoints, considering the major two-party extremism that threatens to tear the nation and the state of Wisconsin apart.

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