UBET, WI—“The United States of America will never be unified by the Republican and Democratic parties,” said Jake VandenPlas, the Libertarian Congressional candidate in Wisconsin’s 8th US House District. “If they could, they would have done it by now.” VandenPlas has steadily gained voter support with his messages of more individual liberty and freedom and less government coercion via force in his challenge to unseat the Republican incumbent, Michael Gallagher of Green Bay.

“With adherence to the Libertarian Party principles of non-aggression and consent, we can focus on unity and self-governance,” continued VandenPlas in a statement released this week.

In that statement, VandenPlas, who also chairs the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (LPWI), reflected on the unstable discord in the country around “the intense, and useless,” partisanship of the other two parties. That division has, in effect, produced no effective action to address an endless number of issues facing the country and Wisconsin, from domestic policy to foreign policy. Furthermore, the two-party partisanship has damaged essential rights to, and protections for, individual property, free speech, and personal choices, all rights which the LPWI wants to restore and strengthen.

Based on two guiding rules of conduct—first, do no harm to others; and then, do not steal from anyone—Libertarians in Wisconsin in a separate statement this week called on the public to unite with them to work peacefully for a prosperous future, and solve the “dismay of division” nation-wide, for a better future for all.

For more info on the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, visit www.lpwi.org .

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