Green Bay, WI—“Governments want war. Politicians want war. People want peace and prosperity,” Jacob VandenPlas, Libertarian candidate for US Congress, announced this week, concerning the dangerous rhetoric and threats of destructive escalations made recently about the Russo-Ukraine War by the involved international actors. VandenPlas runs for Wisconsin’s 8th US Congress District, a seat currently held by the Republican incumbent, Michael Gallagher.

As the war in eastern Europe reaches late into the year, and as Russia mobilizes even more under counter-attack by Western-backed Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has even raised the possibility of using nuclear weapons if Russian territory, or Russian-controlled territory, comes under attack. With the stirrings of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) possibly offering membership or security guarantees to Ukraine, which would make a nuclear assault against Ukraine an attack against all of NATO, including the United States, the situation has become fraught with dangers of a global cataclysm.

“In the introduction of Ukraine to NATO, another inflammatory step toward a global escalation of the war would be taken,” continued VandenPlas. “It would include the possibility of global nuclear war.”

As the Libertarian Party candidate, VandenPlas, like all other party members, signed a pledge to renounce the initiation of violence to solve political differences. As a two-tour veteran of the Wisconsin Army National Guard in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, VandenPlas believes that individuals have the absolute right to keep and bear arms and for defense of self and family. On the other hand, the world must find better, community-based ways of achieving peaceful cooperation.

What President Eisenhower described in 1960 as the Military-Industrial-Legislative Complex (MIL Complex) receives regular support in the speeches and votes of the incumbent, Congressman Michael Gallagher. The global MIL Complex, totally supported by the elite Establishment of the two-major party system, spends several trillion dollar equivalents world-wide every year, in pursuit of war or war-like policies, policies that would by deliberate act or accident lead to total destruction of the earth, something called Omnicide.

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