Washington, DC – The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) rejected nine of eleven complaints that volunteers in three Wisconsin counties submitted related to 2020 voters. Although no reasons were given for any rejections, each rejection letter ends with a threat of a $500 fine for filing frivolous claims.

Director of Research, Ian Camacho, stated:

                  Rejecting these cases as potentially frivolous is absurd. All complaints included ample primary
                  source documents such as voter registration records, property records, obituaries to confirm voter spouses,
                  and voter records. These cases include a double voter in Florida and Wisconsin, which Florida is also
                  currently investigating, and a person who registered in Texas before voting in Wisconsin.

                  The Wisconsin Elections Commission is discouraging citizens from asking questions or raising issues
                  by threatening punitive fines. When our volunteers in Wisconsin asked WEC attorneys for more information
                  as to the rejections, the WEC’s reply was that the committee has its own process for review.

                  However, our efforts have found success in other parts of the state. The elections clerk from the Village
                  of Brown Deer notified the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles of a voter who recently registered
                  at the USPS. The clerk canceled the registration immediately upon having been notified this year by LAA
                  that the location is a USPS and ineligible for voter registrations. When LAA followed up with notices that
                  a person obtaining a Wisconsin driver’s license or identification using a P.O. Box is illegal, despite initial
                  pushback, the Department of Transportation finally agreed to investigate this situation.

LAA will publish the redacted complaints to WEC for further review soon.

For The Wisconsin Report, which uncovered ineligible voters in 2020 in Wisconsin, visit: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wisconsinreport/.

For the Wisconsin clerk replies to LAA’s work, visit: https://lookaheadamerica.org/wiclerks/.

For a downloadable PDF of this press release, click here: LAA_PR_WEC_Complaints_FINAL.

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