Madison, WI
– Amy Loudenbeck, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, issued the following statement ahead of the September Campaign Finance Report Deadline:

“My campaign for Secretary of State is focused on making the office work for the people once again while my incumbent opponent seems obsessed with trying to get voters to buy into a false narrative that somehow a Republican in that office can actually steal elections. 

“The September Campaign Finance Report filings are just another glaring example of the stark contrast between my campaign and his. The vast majority of this period’s donations and the donations I’ve received throughout my entire campaign are from Wisconsin supporters who understand the issues and realize the importance of retiring La Follette. His campaign reported taking in $88,540 during this period, from out-of-state liberal elites such as Steven Spielberg ($20K) and his wife Kate Capshaw (another $20K) with only $6,915 from Wisconsin donors. 

“The tactic comes straight out of the liberal national playbook of trying to discredit and disgrace viable Republican candidates by dumping millions into battleground state coffers of Democrat candidates they know nothing about. 

“My campaign is and always has been about restoring purpose and respect to the office of Secretary of State and making it work again for the people. It’s an honest message that has allowed me to raise significant funds, almost entirely from Wisconsin donors without misleading them.”

For more information about Amy Loudenbeck and her campaign platform, please visit, or visit her social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching VoteAmyWI. 

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