Madison-  Amy Loudenbeck, Republican candidate for Secretary of State released the following statement after receiving the endorsement of the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).


“I am grateful to the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police for its endorsement of my Secretary of State campaign.

“The FOP endorsement is very important to me because it will reinforce a key piece of my campaign that is missing from our current SOS and all other candidates, and that is the fact Wisconsin needs and deserves a Secretary of State who will do the job honorably and is deserving of the public’s trust. I believe that is what FOP members have done during their time of service and continue to do so even after retirement. I am a candidate they can be excited to support, not just because they believe in my platform, but because they believe in my character as well.

“While the Secretary of State does not have a direct role or oversight regarding law enforcement, I would continue to lead by example- supporting police officers and law enforcement agencies statewide. I would oppose any and all efforts to defund or reduce the budgets of state and local law enforcement agencies.

“As the Wisconsin Lodge of FOP states, our campaign is about returning the office of Secretary of state to the honor and distinction it deserves.”

For more information about Amy Loudenbeck and her campaign platform, please visit, or visit her social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching VoteAmyWI.

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