MILWAUKEE – Earnell Lucas, Milwaukee County Sheriff and candidate for mayor of Milwaukee, today issued the following statement regarding six homicides on Milwaukee’s north side:

“Six homicides at a north side location, a total of nine homicides thus far this weekend and 14 homicides in our city to date in 2022. Milwaukee continues to see an alarming rate of violent crime carrying over from the past two years. To say, “enough is enough” is an understatement.

“To address the violent crime problem in our city we must have law enforcement on our streets maintaining order and preserving peace. To heed the calls of those who want further cuts to the police budget at a time when we are witnessing record violence in our city will continue to erode the confidence of residents who want to feel safe. It will hinder Milwaukee’s ability to attract new businesses and industry to our city. It will continue to put fear in people wanting to call Milwaukee home or visit our many destinations and cultural attractions.

“It is time our prosecutors and judiciary hold persons accountable for violent crime in our city, and City Hall must hold the Fire and Police Commission and Milwaukee Police Department accountable for reducing crime. No longer can we accept this continued escalation of violent crime and disorder in our city.”

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