MILWAUKEE —  Today Darrin Madison announced his candidacy for Wisconsin’s newly redrawn 10th Assembly District.

Darrin has spent most of his life living in the 10th Assembly District, and working to advance change for residents in Milwaukee and beyond. At the young age of 15, he began working on political local, state, & federal campaigns to change the faces of leadership in Wisconsin, Maryland, Alaska, and Washington, DC. Since the age of 20, Madison has served as a community organizer & youth worker in various capacities.

Madison’s experience working within and for this community includes over eleven years working and volunteering at local nature centers like the Urban Ecology Center, serving as an AmeriCorps Public Ally, working for Urban Underground, and working in local, state, and federal government policy advocacy.

“I’ve seen this district grow, change, and progress most of my life, and I know what kind of leadership we need at this moment to truly represent all of us. When those who are directly impacted by the issues are disenfranchised and discouraged from sharing their voice in democracy, we need leadership that will actively step up to prioritize those marginalized voices. I will be that voice for all my constituents in Milwaukee, Shorewood & Glendale, and I will do everything I can to represent this amazing district at the State Capitol.”

Madison has a strong track record of working with others to achieve lasting progressive results. Working nationally with the National Youth Alliance, Madison helped the organization to fundraise $4.5 million in order to advance the lives of youth nationwide.

“When I knocked on doors for a recent race for local office, in a number of these same neighborhoods, I learned the crucial issues that residents want addressed right now with holistic solutions. The Wisconsin State Legislature could be a key partner to help or hinder progress on keeping our communities safe, bolstering our family supporting economy, investing in our education system & climate justice for all of our families. I’m excited over the course of this campaign to highlight the proven solutions that I would be a voice for in the State Capital.”

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