Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway announced today that she is proposing a one-time payment to
recognize the good work of City employees over the course of the pandemic and to help them deal with
short term inflation costs.
The funds come from a surplus in the City’s premium stabilization fund for employee life insurance and
disability programs. This fund is created from contributions by the City and City employees.  This unusual
surplus provides an opportunity to use the excess funds to benefit employees when they need it most.
If approved by the City Council, up to $1000 per employee would be provided by the end of February
2023. City staff have worked hard over the past two and a half years, going the extra mile to deliver top-notch
services during a pandemic even though many departments faced staffing and revenue shortfalls.

“I am grateful for the hard work, long hours and deep commitment to our community that our
employees show,” said Mayor Rhodes-Conway. “It’s nice that we can find a way to recognize them
without burdening our taxpayers.”

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