MADISON— Main Street Action, an arm of Main Street Alliance is announcing the release of our candidate questionnaire in the Governor, Senate and Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District races in the November election. We received answers from Governor Tony Evers, Senate Candidate Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes and 3rd Congressional District Candidate State Senator Brad Pfaff. 

You can read their answers to our questions on health care, the care economy, tax fairness, capital access, and anti-monopoly HERE.

Main Street Action communicated with all campaigns in these elections and gave ample opportunity for submission of their answers. Over 100 questions were submitted by our member businesses from across Wisconsin. Here are a few of our members on why we’re focused on working to get out the small biz vote. 

“As a family child care business owner, it is important to get out the vote and educate voters on how to access reliable information so that they cast their votes for candidates who will support and create policies that support them,” said Corine Hendrickson, owner of Corrine’s Little Explorers Child Care in New Glarus.

“Child care businesses like mine are the center of the economy. We interact with many people in the community every day. I can make an impact by having conversations with my community about how to connect to candidates directly and ask about their policy positions, how to find that information, and finally, what steps they need to take to cast their vote.”

“Now more than ever, it is important that Main Street concerns are addressed at the local, state, and federal level,” said Patrick DePula of Salvatore’s Tomato Pies and Dark Horse Art Bar. “Small businesses drive our local economy. Our small businesses need good, sound policies for workers. These policies are tantamount to the success of our communities. We need to elect leaders that prioritize Main Street, not big business.”

“Voting is one of my favorite pastimes and I am committed to helping others access their right to vote, too! Our government can only reflect our values when we participate in it. I always remind my employees about voting days and post links to so they can see if they are registered, look up their polling places, and see what is on their ballot. Small business owners employ half the country – we can have a huge effect when we encourage our employees to vote,” added Melissa Buchholz, owner of Odd Duck in Milwaukee. 

MSA is also hosting candidate roundtables in the Wisconsin US Senate Race and 3rd Congressional District race, in partnership with the Wisconsin Farmers Union. This will be an opportunity for local small businesses and farmers to ask questions directly of the candidates in Oshkosh and La Crosse. 

Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes and State Senator Brad Pfaff have confirmed their attendance. We have invited Senator Ron Johnson and Derrick Van Orden to participate.

Main Street Alliance (MSA) is an organization founded by small business leaders in 2008. MSA organizes small businesses around issues that matter most for businesses, their employees, and the community they serve. MSA aims to build a powerful, self-funded, multi-racial, small business membership organization that can shift our economic narrative, wield political power, and win policy reform for small business owners, employees, and communities.

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