Main Street Alliance and our small business owners are thrilled by the announcement by Gov. Evers this morning that the Wisconsin state government is delaying tax table changes. This will be one of the largest tax cuts in Wisconsin state history.

“Under the withholding table changes directed by Gov. Evers, workers will see less tax withheld from their paychecks, keeping more money in their pockets throughout the year. For example, over the course of this year, a single filer making $50,000 will see $551 more in their paychecks while a married couple each earning $50,000 combined will see over $1,200 more for their household in their paychecks.”

After already providing $650 million dollars in support to small business Governor Evers is stepping up yet again to help main street small businesses.

As Omicron cases surge across the country and exacerbates on-going staffing challenges getting direct support, especially since it is funded through a surplus, and not contributing to cuts to essential government services, is welcome.

We look forward to working with Gov. Evers and his team to allocate remaining ARPA funds for the most impacted industries, including restaurants and bars that did not receive the Restaurant Revitalization Fund grant program. More help is needed and we need to keep up support for small business to fully recover from the pandemic.

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