MADISON— Yesterday, the Wisconsin Policy Forum released a report which showed that Wisconsin provided more support for small business than any other state in the country to help recover from the pandemic.

From the report: 

“The state has also set aside $1.33 billion for addressing the pandemic’s economic impacts, with $924.6 million obligated or spent as of Dec. 31. 

The spending included $303.3 million to small businesses through the Wisconsin Tomorrow grants, $222.8 million through the We’re All In grants to small businesses and $40.2 million to restaurants, $100.1 million for farms, and $92.5 million to hotels and other lodging businesses.”


“So far, Wisconsin has used its ARPA funds quite differently from most other states, prioritizing aid to small businesses and affected industries over shoring up its own budget or unemployment programs.”

Main Street Alliance has seen that for ourselves.

Many of our members have benefited from the Main Street Bounceback Grant, Wisconsin Tomorrow, We’re All In and the industry specific support, such as the Live Event Venue Grant. There are Main Street Alliance members that are only open today because of the support given by the State of Wisconsin under the leadership of Governor Tony Evers.

There’s more work to do, especially for the most impacted industries and BIPOC business owners who were hit the hardest during the pandemic but it’s also important to celebrate what’s been done to help reduce small business failures and the economic carnage that COVID-19 has wrought on our state.

So on behalf of Main Street Alliance and our now 446 member businesses (and growing) across Wisconsin: thank you, Gov. Evers. 

To read more on the Badger Bounceback and how small business has been supported by these grants in all 72 counties check out the Badger Bounceback website.

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