MILWAUKEE — Dr. Marie Bement, professor of physical therapy in the Marquette University College of Health Sciences, will be the featured panelist for a discussion, “Women Experience More Pain Than Men—And What to Do About It!,” hosted by Marquette’s Institute for Women’s Leadership on Thursday, Nov. 3, at 3 p.m. at the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center, 733 N. 12th St.

Registration for the event is free and available online.

Bement is an IWL research fellow and released a white paper in September, “Sex Differences in Pain Perception: Why Do Women Experience More Pain Than Men?,” in which she tackled the urban myth that women withstand pain better than men. Her research found that women are more sensitive to pain and more likely to report higher pain intensity and lower thresholds and tolerance when presented with pain stimuli.

Bement will be joined by an expert panel to discuss how women are more likely to experience chronic pain than men and offer suggestions about what can be done to mitigate that pain. Other panelists include Dr. Sandra Hunter, professor of exercise science at Marquette, and Dr. Sarah Trost, assistant professor of behavioral health and a licensed psychologist in the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Pain Management Center.

The Institute for Women’s Leadership builds upon Marquette University’s historic role as the first coeducational Catholic university in the world beginning in 1909. The mission of the IWL is to support and conduct cutting-edge gender research and build transformational experiences and relationships that empower women and advance women’s leadership.

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