In 2020 The Wisconsin Elections Commission showed leadership and ensured the election was  fair and free, safe, and accessible. 

The Racine District Attorney’s decision not to charge Wisconsin’s bi-partisan Election  Commissioners with any crime was the right decision on the merits.  

Despite her decision, the DA’s implication that wrongdoing occurred is clearly wrong in fact and in law.  

The commissioners acted within their authority to protect the freedom to vote for tens of  thousands of elderly and vulnerable voters. 

They provided safe and secure solution for nursing home voters, ensuring our most vulnerable  populations were able to safely vote. 

During the 2020 pandemic, WEC commissioners were faced with the impossible choice of either  endangering the lives of our most vulnerable residents by sending people to nursing homes when  they were not allowed in, or making it impossible for our elderly voters to vote. They acted to  protect the freedom of these citizens to vote and keep them safe. 

Publicly and falsely accusing public servants of crimes they did not commit is a dangerous attack  on our democracy. 

These shameful and unfounded attacks undermine the bedrock of our institutions, and must  cease.  

Craig Mastantuono                                                            Matthew W. O’Neill 

Mastantuono & Coffee SC                                                  Fox, O’Neill, and Shannon, SC

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