West Allis, WI – Wisconsin businessman, veteran, and political outsider Tim Michels issued a statement calling on Gov. Tony Evers to take the following actions:
“I’m calling on the Governor to be ready for any impending acts of mass civil disobedience and to work to prevent any acts of violence. He should immediately convene Wisconsin Emergency Management leadership, raise the Emergency Operations Center status level from the current threat level five and put the Wisconsin National Guard on notice for possible deployment. There have been several threats of violence in reaction to a possible upcoming decision from the Supreme Court of the United States, and we should be ready. As Governor of Wisconsin, I will always assure the citizens of Wisconsin that we will be ready to protect property and lives.

“From Covid to Kenosha, Governor Evers’ instincts have been terrible, and his policies even worse. On Kenosha, his actions fanned the flames of discontent and he was slow to authorize enough manpower to quell the violence. Those mistakes cannot be repeated.”

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