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Plan will improve transparency in government, increase restrictions on lobbyists

West Allis, WI – Tim Michels, the successful businessman, veteran and political outsider running for governor, believes the public should know more about lobbyists’ activities and political contributions. Today, he introduced his “Transparency in Government” Blueprint, the latest in a series of detailed proposals unveiled during his surging campaign for governor.

“The Madison insiders have crafted a system that benefits themselves, at the expense of the people,” said Tim Michels. “There is too much secrecy and too little transparency. Politicians spend more time making promises to special interest groups instead of crafting good public policy solutions. My blueprint is a plan that will turn Madison upside down and help get Wisconsin back on the right track. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s a Wisconsin issue.”

The Michels “Transparency in Government” Blueprint includes the following major points:

  • Bans former legislators and senior administration officials from lobbying their former colleagues for two years after they leave their job.
  • Prohibits fundraising event sponsorship by PACs controlled by lobbying principals.
  • Extends the ban on lobbyist political contributions to June 1st of every election year.
  • Ends the lobbyist spousal contribution loophole.
  • Imposes greater transparency and reporting requirements for political campaigns and lobbyists, forcing campaigns to submit monthly contribution reports so that donations are not hidden for 6 months at a time.

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