WAUKESHA, Wisc. – Tim Michels, the successful businessman, veteran, and outsider has won the Wisconsin Republican Primary this evening, becoming the Republican Nominee for Governor of Wisconsin.

“Thanks to you, we took on the Madison Establishment and won,” said Michels. “Tonight we celebrate, but then, first thing tomorrow, let’s get to work.”

Michels celebrated the victory in front of a packed house in Waukesha this evening, touting his record and highlighting the failures of Tony Evers and Joe Biden.

“I love this great state, but because of the failed leadership of Tony Evers and Joe Biden, Wisconsin currently is a mess,” Michels continued.

From COVID to Kenosha, Tony Evers has failed our state. Riots and lawlessness, and murder and assault are all at 30-year highs. The state’s economy has forced people to have to choose between filling up their tank and paying their rent. His support of radical, green-new deal style policies have led to higher prices at the pump and higher prices for everything from food to clothing.

The state suffers from an education bureaucracy that puts the interests of unions before kids and parents and it has an election commission that willfully ignores the law. The state has failed to fulfill the promise we have made to our veterans.

Perhaps most egregiously, Wisconsin under Tony Evers had a government that shut down schools and churches, forced mask and vaccine mandates, and deemed many workers non-essential.

“In November, Wisconsin is going to tell Tony Evers he is non-essential,” said Michels.

Michels also discussed various parts of his plan to get Wisconsin back on the right track, with his Michels Blueprints for Wisconsin. As governor, he has pledged to:

  • Crack down on the bad guys and make our streets safe again.
  • Give every child — regardless of background or zip code — the opportunity for a quality education.
  • Support our brave men and women in law enforcement and honor our veterans.
  • Protect the rights of individuals and parents — while limiting the power of government over our lives.
  • Get people to work and do what Wisconsin does best: building things with our hands.

As the general election starts in earnest, the Michels campaign has also announced it is shifting its approach on donation limits for the General Election.

“Tonight, we begin the general election campaign to defeat Tony Evers and get Wisconsin back on track. We refuse to back down in the face of the more than $20 million already flooding our state from Joe Biden, national Democrats, and the liberal special interests. While the ban on contributions to our campaign from PACs and registered lobbyists will remain, going forward we will accept contributions from individuals up to Wisconsin’s legal limit. The stakes in this election are simply too high. Let’s get to work to turn Wisconsin around,” said Patrick McNulty, the Campaign Manager for the Michels campaign.

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