Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin joins Tim Michels for rallies in Waukesha and Green Bay today, where they will rally for their pro-parent, pro-children vision to improve education in Wisconsin.

That stands in stark contrast with Tony Evers’ record of failure. Over four decades ‘leading’ on education, including his time on the public payroll as Governor, State Superintendent and as a top DPI bureaucrat, Evers has presided over plunging test scores, the continuation of the nation’s largest racial achievement gap, lockdowns, mask mandates, and the introduction of controversial material into the curriculum of several schools. 

“Under Tony Evers, education has declined despite constant funding increases. He’s the face of a tired, old system that has no answers other than spending more money and serves special interests and educrats rather than students,” said Michels. “Like Gov. Youngkin, I trust parents and I will usher in bold reforms that will increase literacy and test scores. I look forward to the chance to discuss our shared vision for improving education.”

Unlike Tony Evers, who proudly campaigned with parent adversary Randi Weingarten last week, Michels supports increased parental involvement in their children’s education. Like so many Wisconsin parents, Tim is concerned about the impact of the school shutdowns, widespread declining test scores, and the proliferation of age-inappropriate sexual material exposed to students as young as preschoolers. 

Improving education will be a top priority for the Michels administration. As governor, Michels will enact School Choice for All Families so that all parents have a choice in where their children go to school. He will inject competition into education to encourage innovation and success. He will fight for dramatic improvements in literacy, especially in the first few years of elementary school, as this is crucial for all future learning.

Read Tim Michels’ Blueprint for K-12 Education here.

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