MADISON, Wisc. – As Tony Evers once again dips into his taxpayer-subsidized re-election slush fund of federal COVID aid, the Michels Campaign released the following statement from Communications Director Anna Kelly:

“Tony Evers is tapping into his taxpayer-subsidized re-election slush fund so he can pretend to care about education. No amount of federal COVID aid can paper over Evers’ record of denying parents rights, refusing to reopen schools, vetoing curriculum transparency, and standing by as education standards plummet across the state.

“The fact that self-proclaimed ‘education governor’ Evers needs to make news on education with 70 days until Election Day shows that his anti-parents, pro-special interest education agenda isn’t resonating with Wisconsin voters. Evers wants his big checks to make people forget his big failures, but his disastrous record speaks for itself.”

Read Tim Michels’ “I Trust Parents” Education Blueprint here.

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