MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – In an effort to cloak over his disastrous record on crime, today Tony Evers announced more funding within a theoretical state budget that won’t matter when he loses in 36 days. Of the imaginary funds, he announced just over 10 percent for public safety.

“Try as he might, Tony Evers can’t rewrite his abysmal public safety record of coddling criminals, vilifying law enforcement, and releasing brutal murderers and child rapists back on the streets,“ said Michels Campaign Spokesperson Anna Kelly. “Evers doesn’t care about public safety. He cares about getting re-elected.”

It’s no coincidence that this announcement comes as the truth comes out about Evers’ public safety failures, despite his efforts to stonewall public records requests from journalists and elected officials. All month, Wisconsin Right Now has been reporting on the brutal murderers, child rapists, and other violent criminals being released by Evers’ Parole Commission. A new document reveals that Evers and his administration admitted behind closed doors that his paroles are unpopular, and as a result, they have made Wisconsin less safe.

Tim Michels will stand with law enforcement and fight to keep our communities safe. Read his “Back the Blue-Print” here.

About Tim Michels:

Tim Michels is a conservative businessman and veteran running for Governor of Wisconsin. Tim is a proven leader from outside the political establishment who is poised to clean up the mess in Madison and get things headed in the right direction. After serving in the Army for 12 years, Michels worked with his brothers to run Michels Corporation, which in the last 25 years has grown from a few hundred employees to a nationally-admired, multi-faceted construction company with more than 8,000 employees.

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