CONTACT: Anna Kelly

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – After three years of closed schools and failed outcomes, today Governor Tony Evers released a new proposal on education. In response, Republican candidate for governor Tim Michels released the following statement:

“While it is nice Governor Evers is again following my lead in focusing on literacy, his plan for education is the same as it always is. More money and more bureaucracy. The tired, old Evers approach has not worked. He’s spent his career in education and our schools keep getting worse, especially MPS. I will get Wisconsin headed in the right direction. I will empower parents with greater access to information and more options for their kids. The decades of decline at MPS and elsewhere will end. All schools will be better after just four years. Evers has failed for four decades. His time is up.”

Tony Evers’ has been Wisconsin’s top education official for decades. Under his failed leadership, English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent, math proficiency is down by over 20 percent, and just 8 percent of Black students are proficient in math. Students also suffered from historic learning loss due to Evers’ refusal to help reopen schools, serving his teachers union donors instead of Wisconsin kids.

See Tim Michels’ “I Trust Parents” Education Blueprint here.

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