WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – This week, the Daily Caller reported that Tony Evers’ Department of Public Instruction is providing “resources for gender expansive preschoolers” to children in Wisconsin public schools, including a video featuring a biological girl whose parents transition her into a boy.

“Tony Evers has betrayed parents across Wisconsin by staying silent while his administration uses our public schools to indoctrinate three-year olds with radical gender ideology,” said Tim Michels. “This is wrong. He has had his chance to prove that he’s moved beyond the education establishment, but this proves he will always choose fringe social agendas while kids are left behind. We need to teach kids how to think – not what to think – and our tax dollars cannot finance the instruction of radical gender ideology. This has to stop. Evers’ time is up.”

While Tony Evers’ DPI is focused on pushing woke social agendas in the classroom, English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent, math proficiency is down by over 20 percent, and just 8 percent of Black students are proficient in math. Kids are falling behind due to his failures to reopen schools.

Read Tim Michels’ “I Trust Parents” Education Blueprint here.

About Tim Michels:
Tim Michels is a conservative businessman and veteran running for Governor of Wisconsin. Tim is a proven leader from outside the political establishment who is poised to clean up the mess in Madison and get things headed in the right direction. After serving in the Army for 12 years, Michels worked with his brothers to run Michels Corporation, which in the last 25 years has grown from a few hundred employees to a nationally-admired, multi-faceted construction company with more than 8,000 employees.

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