WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – In case you missed it, yesterday a Tony Evers-appointed judge forced Evers’ parole commission to release public records detailing 2022 parole grants. This comes after months of stonewalling requests by journalists and elected officials, which ultimately led to a lawsuit.

“Tony Evers can’t hide the truth forever,” said gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels. “The people of Wisconsin deserve to know, today, which murderers and rapists have been granted discretionary parole this year and where Evers’ released criminals live. There is no excuse for defying the Court and further denying transparency for victims and the public.”

As reported by Wisconsin Right Now, during Evers first three years as governor, at least 884 convicted criminals have been released early by his Parole Commission. Most are now living in Wisconsin communities. That list of offenders includes more than 270 murderers and attempted murderers, and more than 44 child rapists. However, Wisconsinites don’t know how many violent felons Evers has released in 2022 due to his refusal to comply with the state’s public records law.

“Today is the day we should finally know the full extent of Tony Evers’ secretive parole spree,” said Michels.

Read more from Wisconsin Right Now here.

About Tim Michels:

Tim Michels is a conservative businessman and veteran running for Governor of Wisconsin. Tim is a proven leader from outside the political establishment who is poised to clean up the mess in Madison and get things headed in the right direction. After serving in the Army for 12 years, Michels worked with his brothers to run Michels Corporation, which in the last 25 years has grown from a few hundred employees to a nationally-admired, multi-faceted construction company with more than 8,000 employees.

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