See the Bad News the Mainstream Media Downplay and Ignore

WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – Wisconsin is learning more each day about the hundreds of criminals released from prison early by Tony Evers. Wisconsin Right Now has been highlighting the sickening stories – a baby killer, ax murderer, ambush rapist, attempted mass murderer – just some of the criminals Evers has freed so far in 2022.

Tony Evers released nearly 300 murderers and more than 100 rapists – nearly half of them child rapists – on early parole in just 3½ years, according to state records obtained by Sen. Van Wanggaard’s office last week. Many are back living in the communities where they committed their crime.

“When people learn about the brutal murderers, sexual predators, and violent criminals set free by Early Release Evers, they know that Evers has made them less safe,” said Michels spokesperson Anna Kelly. “Evers owes Wisconsinites answers as to why he appointed and reappointed a Parole Commissioner who let hundreds of heinous criminals back into Wisconsin communities, and the media owes the people coverage of these stories.”

A few of the dozens of criminals paroled only through May of 2022 include:

  • Kelly Connerswho shot renowned engineering professor Dwight Senser twice in the stomach and once in the head after following Senser and his estranged wife to a Madison diner.
  • Dennis Steelewho beat a 3-week-old baby boy to death when the child would not stop crying, crushing the child’s skull “like an eggshell” and breaking nine ribs.
  • David Allietwho snatched a UW-Eau Claire student off the street, threatened that he had a gun, and raped her after dragging her into nearby bushes.
  • Shannon Baileywho drove his car at 50 miles per hour down the sidewalk outside a Milwaukee pool hall toward a crowd of 200 people. Doris Lemon, 29, died. Bailey is 47 years old, and his mandatory release date was not until 2057.
  • Robert Wallace raped and severely beat Louise Matti because she locked the door of the apartment building where they were neighbors. They then lit fire to her mattress and left to have lunch, causing the badly beaten Matti to die of asphyxiation.
  • Joseph Michalkiewicz brutally murdered a Racine gas station clerk in an apparent robbery by hitting him in the face, chest, stomach and back with an ax, screwdriver, and pipe wrench. The murder occurred in 1979, but Joseph was not convicted until 2003 when DNA evidence was used. He is now 62.
  • Jesus Bautista stabbed Leonardo Abarca-Guerrero 12 times in the bedroom of his Green Bay apartment, then fled. He made the FBI’s most wanted list for the murder. He’s now 49.
  • Douglas Stream was paid by Theodore Agnello’s foster son to kill him. He hid in Agnello’s house, shooting him in the chest with a shotgun when he entered. Then he stood over him and shot him again. Stream is now 47.

The list of parole grants in 2022 through May can be viewed here. The list from 2019 to 2022 can be viewed here.

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