Court Forces Evers to Stop 139-Day Cover-Up

WEST ALLIS, Wisc. – Tony Evers released nearly 300 murderers and more than 100 rapists – nearly half of them child rapists – on early parole in just 3½ years. These totals are according to newly released state records obtained by Sen. Van Wanggaard’s office.

The new list details parole grants through May of 2022. It includes child abusers, serial rapists, and heinous killers responsible for some of the most brutal crimes imaginable. In all, the Evers administration paroled 990 criminals, including 400 murderers and rapists who are now living free in communities across Wisconsin.

“Governor Evers and his minions stonewalled public records requests to hide the fact that he’s released hundreds more murderers and rapists into Wisconsin communities,” said Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels. “These convicted felons should have served their full sentence. When I’m governor, the parole spree of those sentenced to life in prison will end.”

The new information comes after a Tony Evers-appointed judge last week ordered Evers’ parole commission to release public records detailing 2022 parole grants. The order followed months of stonewalling by the Evers administration, which ultimately led to a successful lawsuit.

People serving life in prison for crimes like first-degree intentional homicide are not entitled to a mandatory release date under state law. Such paroles are discretionary.

The list of parole grants in 2022 through May can be viewed here. The list from 2019 to 2022 can be viewed here.

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