On Wednesday (October 26) National Geographic’s (Nat Geo Travel) came out with its annual list of the world’s 25 best destinations for travelers for 2023. Proudly, Milwaukee made the list, as did a mention of Bronzeville.

Here’s a peek:

“Wisconsin’s biggest and liveliest city combines a blue-collar, back-thumping energy with a close-knit creative community that’s turning heads beyond the Great Lakes. (Having a winning NBA team, the Bucks, doesn’t hurt either.)

Like the 450 motorcycles displayed inside its Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee is revving its engines in 2023Riverside promenades are being built along its three waterways (the Milwaukee, Kinnickinnic, and Menomonee Rivers), and the buzzy Deer District rises from a former field of vacant lots, with hotels, concert venues, and the Bucks arena. Meanwhile traditional neighborhoods are getting fresh development projects, such as the planned arts and cultural center in Bronzeville focused on African American art.”

Fresh off of the January touting of Bronzeville by the New York Times, it is extremely positive and heartening to see Bronzeville getting the additional recognition that it deserves, and top media outlets in the world bringing attention to its destination treasures.

The work that the city, businesses, residents, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders have been doing are paying off, and Bronzeville is beginning to ping brightly on the radar of life in Milwaukee, the U.S., and now the world.

Well done Bronzeville, and well done Milwaukee!

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