Today Milwaukee County’s Finance Committee unanimously approved of a resolution to establish a paid parental leave program of eight weeks for County employees. As the lead sponsor of the City’s paid parental leave ordinance, I was honored to submit testimony in favor of this policy at today’s committee meeting, and am equally delighted to see the City of Racine has moved to increase their paid parental leave program from 80 hours to eight weeks.

As a mother, I knew that establishing paid parental leave would be a tremendous benefit for our employees. Research has shown that parental leave is beneficial for parents, families, and critical to the development of healthy children. I am incredibly proud that the City’s bold action has helped pave the way for other local municipalities to consider adopting similar policies.

Parental leave policies across municipal and county governments can be a life-changing and positive tool for reducing inequality and improving health outcomes for everyone in our city and county. I would urge public and private sector employers alike to consider taking action on this front if they have not done so already.

Last, I would like to thank Milwaukee County Supervisor Liz Sumner and her co-sponsors for their leadership and 9to5 for their continued advocacy on paid parental leave.

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