Early this morning, like many residents of the 10th District and those across the city, I was notified of a shelter-in-place order after law enforcement officials were searching for a suspect who shot a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy after fleeing the scene of a traffic stop near West Adler and South 68th Streets.

It was quite a shock to see the location detailed in the notification, because that neighborhood is safe and quiet.

I want to extend my gratitude to the Sheriff’s Department, Milwaukee Police Department, and West Allis Police Department for their swift and collaborative response to this incident, and I wish the deputy who was injured in the line of duty a full and speedy recovery.

Deputies later encountered a person who they considered suspicious near S. 60th and W. Main, and after issuing commands to the individual, they heard a single shot. Upon approaching the man they noticed he sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound and had died.

I know this incident was truly worrisome for many neighbors who reside in the area, particularly in the early morning hours when individuals are preparing for work or to send their kids off to school. It truly was a case where the location of the traffic stop dictated where the incident would likely unfold (a normally quiet and peaceful neighborhood).

As additional details become available, I will be sure to keep residents up to date as we work to keep our community as safe as possible.

Again I want to extend my thanks to the deputies and officers who rushed to the area to protect us and to apprehend the suspects, and we thank God the deputy’s injuries are not life threatening.

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