This redistricting process has been a difficult one for Milwaukee’s Latino community, and today’s vote by the Common Council to move forward with a map that does not provide a path to a third Latino majority aldermanic district only adds insult to injury. 


Words cannot convey my anger and disappointment regarding this decision.


We’ve worked for many weeks with the Latino community to create a map that best represents Milwaukee’s fastest growing constituency. We debated and discussed options, but all with the same goal in mind: To provide the Latino community a proper seat at the table. 


And then our community was dealt a sucker punch by the Office of the City Attorney. They laid in wait through all the public testimony and discussion (during the January 10 meeting of the Judiciary and Legislation Committee) to then shut down the meeting, move into closed session, and contended that all substitute maps are illegal. A position I strongly disagree with. 


On the day after MLK Day, when we all touted equality and providing a voice for the voiceless, we now are taking away that right from the Latino community. 


I have fought and will continue to fight for our Latino community! I want to thank the community leaders and organizations who joined us in the fight and hope they continue to fight.


I offer a sincere ‘THANK YOU!’ to Voces de la Frontera, Forward Latino, Mexican Fiesta, and the Hispanic Collaborative for their efforts.

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