Milwaukee, Wis. – After nearly six months of fighting, the family of Brieon Green has viewed a portion of the footage surrounding Brieon Green’s death. It is inhumane and unjust that a family had to wait nearly half a year in emotional limbo to see footage regarding the death of their loved one. The suffering the family had to endure is entirely by the hands of MCSO, who refuses to engage in public transparency.

It is clear to us now that Brieon Green’s death in Milwaukee Sheriff custody was entirely avoidable and a product of inhumane negligence. Seconds after Brieon Green wrapped a phone cord around his neck, a correctional officer walked by and failed to do anything about it. The officer walked past as if it weren’t happening. 37 minutes later, another correctional officer finds Brieon Green dead in his cell. As only a small portion of footage was shown to the Milwaukee Alliance and the family, it seems we are only at the tip of the iceberg. We expect to find more negligence and wrongdoing as the family and their legal team dig through the evidence now available to them.

The Milwaukee County Jail has a long history of inmate deaths. From the start of the year to August, the Milwaukee County Jail had seen 4 inmate deaths. It’s clear that this is a big issue which means that there needs to be big changes made to how the Milwaukee County Jail operates. Until more is revealed in the investigation, the Milwaukee Alliance and the Justice for Brieon Green Coalition support the following demands:

  1. Fire and charge the correctional officer who failed to provide Brieon Green with life saving care
  2. All footage related to MCSO misconduct is released within 48 hours, and the names of officers involved released within 24 hours
  3. Sheriff Denita Ball immediately meet with the family of Brieon Green to discuss policy changes that will eliminate deaths in detention.
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