MILWAUKEE, WI – The Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression will hold a rally at Lucille Berrien Park on Saturday, July 9, at 5:00PM. The rally will be an expression of solidarity with the family and friends of Jayland Walker, 25-year-old Black man, who was murdered by Akron police officers. It will also be a call for justice for Walker and other victims of police crimes, demanding the following:

  • the firing of all officers involved in the shooting of Walker

  • the prosecution of all officers involved in the shooting of Walker

  • The Fire and Police Commission (FPC) must create a policy that requires the Milwaukee Police Department to publicly release the names of officers involved in alleged misconduct within 24 hours and any footage of the misconduct within 48 hours.

  • Community control of the police now

On Monday, June 27, Akron police fired more than 90 times, hitting Walker 60 times. On Sunday, July 3, Akron Police Department released the video of this horrific murder after nearly a week of protests in the city. Following a car chase, Walker can be seen running on foot. Officers then unsuccessfully discharged tasers, and 8 officers proceeded to unload over 90 rounds on Walker. A gun was also revealed to have been in Walker’s car, but not on his body. Regardless of the gun, police have no right to fire over 90 rounds.

Prior to the release of the video, Akron police pushed the narrative that Walker posed a threat to the officers. Police departments, including Milwaukee’s, quickly establish a narrative that seeks to exculpate them in the eyes of the public. The Milwaukee Alliance has worked with various families of victims of police crimes, and we know how difficult it is to get justice for them when the police immediately promote their own narrative, often without evidence. In order to give families and organizers a better fighting chance for justice, the Milwaukee Alliance demands the FPC create a policy that requires the public release of names of police officers involved in alleged misconduct within 24 hours and any footage related to the alleged misconduct within 48 hours.

The Milwaukee Alliance is deeply saddened and infuriated by Walker’s murder. While the video is difficult to watch, it’s important that it was released publicly in less than a week from the murder. The people of Akron and the rest of the U.S. deserve to know the truth. Without the timely and public release of the video, the police hold an unfair advantage over the people they help oppress.

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