Today a special Common Council meeting was held to take up a resolution initiating a process for the creation of a new juvenile facility in the city. The Governor, the Wisconsin Department of Administration, and the Department of Corrections have announced the proposed construction of a new Type I Juvenile Correctional Facility located at 7930 W. Clinton Ave. in the city’s 9th Aldermanic District.

This special meeting was necessary because of a statutory requirement for a resolution of support from the City. The resolution is also needed prior to the Joint Finance Committee meeting scheduled to take place later this month. This resolution satisfies the requirement set in 2021 Act 252, but more importantly it initiates a process of public outreach and conversation.

State leaders will be conducting numerous public meetings. Additionally, for a juvenile facility to be built on the proposed site, a zoning change is necessary. Because of this, state officials will return and appear before the Common Council for further deliberation before a required full vote of the Common Council takes place.

There will be more extensive public deliberations before the Common Council in the near future and I look forward to hearing neighbors’ input on this important project before permitting the necessary zoning change.

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