MILWAUKEE – Today the County Board of Supervisors adopted (13-4) a proposal by Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson to allocate $50,000 to the Office of the County Clerk and Milwaukee County Election Commission to boost voter outreach and education efforts.

“Voting is the bedrock of our democracy, yet for many of us this constitutional right feels harder to exercise than ever before,” said Chairwoman Nicholson. “We must take on all voter suppression efforts with accurate and positive information on the voting process. These funds will allow our hardworking Election Commission staff to ensure that every eligible voter in Milwaukee County has the ability to make their voice heard.”

This legislation follows similar funding allocations for voter outreach the County Board has approved in previous years. In 2020, the County Board appropriated a total of $100,000 to encourage voter participation.

A subsequent report from the Office of the County Clerk showed that these additional funds allowed the Election Commission to increase voter outreach efforts using channels such as digital and social media; billboard, radio, and print advertising; and text messaging.

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