MILWAUKEE – On Wednesday afternoon, County Executive David Crowley vetoed legislation authored by Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson which would have allocated $175,000 to help establish a summer roller skating program at Red Arrow Park. The County Board sustained the veto on a vote of 9-8 at its Thursday meeting.

Chairwoman Nicholson released the following statement on the veto:

“Roller skating at Red Arrow Park would provide a low-cost, family-friendly activity downtown that pushes us toward our vision of achieving racial and health equity, while raising much needed revenue down the line. It also has broad support across Milwaukee County. While I am disappointed that my resolution to provide immediate funding for this program was vetoed, I am heartened by the community’s engagement on this issue and plan to continue doing everything in my power to make roller skating in Red Arrow Park a reality.”

In May, the Parks Department provided a report to the Parks Committee stating that transforming the ice-skating rink at Red Arrow Park into a roller-skating rink during the summer can be accomplished if a protective barrier was placed over the concrete surface where the ice is formed.

At this meeting 18 members of the community spoke in favor of establishing a roller-skating rink at Red Arrow Park.

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