MILWAUKEE, Wis.– The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors meet today, Thursday, November 10, to adopt an annual budget. Supervisor Alexander authored an amendment for suspension of the rules which would fund South Shore breakwater repair as well as a raise for Milwaukee County Correctional Officers. 

“First and foremost, my thanks go out to my colleagues who supported this initiative. It is refreshing to see politicians put their personal feelings aside and form a coalition to attempt to make common sense policy a reality. Between all of its’ cosponsors this amendment has support from conservatives, moderates, liberals, and even socialists,” said Supervisor Alexander. “In addition to the many cosponsors, Supervisors Burgelis, Vincent, and Zerpa have also demonstrated support for Correctional Officers raises. The importance of the having a workforce that is compensated fairly cannot be overstated. Raising Correctional Officer wages will help address their 40% vacancy rate, reduce overtime, and will ensure that sheriff’s deputies can remain out on the streets enforcing the law. This commonsense amendment helps keep our community safe in more ways than one. It also would repair a dangerous breakwater that has already taken the lives of visitors to our beach. I would urge my colleagues to vote for this amendment in the name of public safety.” 

The amendment is being cosponsored by Supervisors Alexander, Johnson, Jr., Clancy, Martin, Coggs-Jones, Staskunas, Martin, and Logsdon. 

The South Shore Breakwater serves as a near-shore structure that protects the shoreline and coastal assets along Cupertino, South Shore, and Bay View Parks. Over the years the existing stones have been moved due to these forces flattening the breakwater and developing gaps.  

The last investments related to construction on the breakwater took place in 2006, and the condition of the asset has deteriorated over time. 

The amendment seeks to address the near $5.00 pay gap between Correctional Officers in Racine and Milwaukee County.  

Additionally, Supervisor Alexander points to reduced overtime expenditures, avoiding having to subcontract with Racine County Jail, lawsuit avoidance, and better employee retention as potential positive outcomes from this amendment. 

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