MILWAUKEE – On Friday, August 5, Republicans unanimously voted to select Milwaukee to host its 2024 national convention. County Supervisor Kathleen Vincent issued the following statement calling for a renewed sense of unity between Democrats and Republicans. 

Any major event choosing Milwaukee, is a huge win for the County. The convention choice itself has already kept Milwaukee in the news as a viable tourist attraction,” said Supervisor Vincent. “When I think about the sales tax dollars coming into our county, the money being spent in hotels, at restaurants, and the tips going directly into servers’ pockets, I can’t help but celebrate the Republican National Convention coming to Milwaukee. I encourage everyone to welcome our visitors with open arms as they stimulate economic activity in our hometown. As a representative of Milwaukee County I look forward to the increase in patronage at our museums, parks, and other county attractions. 

VISIT Milwaukee estimated an additional $23.2 million in hotel revenue as a result of the convention. 

study by the Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University estimated that the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland in 2016 was responsible for an additional $16.9 million in tax revenue. 

Supervisor Vincent joined notable Democrats Mayor Cavalier Johnson, and County Executive David Crowley who have voiced their support of Milwaukee hosting the convention.

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