MILWAUKEE – Today the County Board unanimously adopted a proposal by Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson to reimagine several standing committees to increase focus on sustainability, parks, transit, and the annual budget.

“I am proud to have the unanimous support of my colleagues as I continue to modernize how the County Board does business on behalf of our constituents,” said Chairwoman Nicholson. “I look forward to seeing the work that comes out of these reimagined committees as we propel our efforts to provide better oversight, advance our mission on racial equity, and continue our work on climate and energy policy.”

The following changes will be made to the County Board’s standing committees:

  • The Committee on Economic and Community Development would become the Committee on Community, Environment, and Economic Development (CEED).
  • The Committee on Parks, Energy, and Environment would become the Committee on Parks and Culture (CPC).
  • The Committee on Judiciary, Safety and General Services would become the Committee on Judiciary, Law Enforcement and General Services (JLEG).
  • The Committee on Transportation, Public Works, and Transit would become the Committee on Transportation and Transit (T&T).

In addition, the ordinance change eliminates the regular County Board committee cycle in November to facilitate the annual budget process and allow Supervisors enhanced ability to perform budgetary oversight.

The ordinance change is co-sponsored by Parks Committee Chair Sheldon A. Wasserman, Economic and Community Development Chair Steve F. Taylor, Judiciary Committee Chair Ryan Clancy, Transportation Committee Chair Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones, Finance Committee Chair Liz Sumner, and Supervisor Juan Miguel Martinez.

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