MILWAUKEE – County Clerk George Christenson issued the following statement regarding today’s revelation that the Wisconsin Gubernatorial candidate and former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch voted as indefinitely confined in the April 2020 election: 

“The hypocrisy of the Wisconsin Republicans on issues surrounding our elections doesn’t even surprise me anymore, as we witness yet another blatant double standard and ‘do as I say, not as I do’ duplicity from them. 

“When I advised Milwaukee County voters of their legal ability to identify themselves as indefinitely confined to safely cast their vote in the April 2020 election during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Republicans decried the practice and railed against me and other clerks who issued the same advice. It turns out that Kleefisch did the very thing she pretends to vehemently oppose and has vowed to do away with if elected Governor!

“Her hypocrisy, coupled with the fact that her Republican colleagues kept it quiet, provides additional proof that truth, facts, honesty and integrity are irrelevant when they get in the way of Republican voter suppression efforts and promotion of Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’” 

Kleefisch labeled herself as indefinitely confined in March 2020, just before the April presidential primary and general election for State Supreme Court. On March 27, 2020 the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission issued a guidance on indefinitely confined voting in light of the Governor’s “Safer at Home” Emergency Order, a measure that Republicans uniformly rallied against and even took to the State Supreme Court in December of 2020.

“The fact that Kleefisch marked herself as indefinitely confined and yet continued to appear at public events throughout spring and summer of 2020 is the highpoint of her hypocrisy and it proves that she simply is not worthy of our trust,” Christenson concluded.

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