MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Elections Director Julietta Henry will participate in a panel as a part of the George W. Bush Institute’s Elections — A More Perfect Union event Wednesday.

“I am honored to have been asked to participate in this event,” said Director Henry. “With my presence and participation, I hope to engage the audience in the electoral process, reach across the aisle to address attacks made on our democracy, and increase confidence in our elections.”


“Having worked with her firsthand during a crucial time for our nation’s democracy, I know Director Henry to be a dedicated public servant who shows patience, perseverance and integrity under difficult conditions,” said Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson. “I am happy that she has the opportunity to share her deep knowledge and expertise around elections with a national audience.”

The panel will be moderated by Corporation for Public Broadcasting President and CEO Pat Harrison and will also feature Pasco County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley, Rockefeller Brothers Fund President and CEO Stephen Heintz, and Election Officials Legal Defense Network Co-Chair Ben Ginsberg.

During this session, Director Henry and the other panelists will answer questions on elections and democracy posed by participants of diverse geographies and demographics from around the country. The panel will create a space to focus on solutions to pressing questions surrounding voting rights in the United States.

The event will feature other high-profile speakers and guests, including former President George W. Bush, Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and George W. Bush Presidential Center President and CEO Ken Hersh.

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