MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors honored impactful members of Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community with citations at its Thursday, June 23 meeting. County Supervisor Peter Burgelis authored citations for both Janice Colby and Don Schwamb. 

“Janice Colby and Don Schwamb are pillars in Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community and have made a profound impact on so many lives with their work,” said Supervisor Burgelis. “Janice Colby has spent decades providing love and support to Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community and has nurtured countless Milwaukeeans through her work with the House of Infiniti and Sisters Helping Each other Battle Adversity. Don Schwamb has been a pioneer in documenting and preserving the history of Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community. His work gives us a deeper understanding of Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ history.

“My thanks go out to Supervisors Ryan Clancy, Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones, Willie Johnson, Jr., Patti Logsdon, Felesia A. Martin, Juan Miguel Martinez, Shawn Rolland, Steven Shea, Anthony Staskunas, Liz Sumner, Sequanna Taylor, Steve Taylor, Kathleen Vincent, Sheldon A. Wasserman, Dyango Zerpa and Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson for joining me in honoring two truly incredible Milwaukeeans.”

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors celebrated Pride Month at their June 23 meeting and have used Pride Month virtual backgrounds throughout June. 

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