MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Today the Board of Supervisors adopted legislation authored by Supervisor Ryan Clancy which authorizes and directs the Community Reintegration Center (CRC) to produce a plan to provide commissary services in-house by April 30, 2023. 

“Today the County Board took a small step towards ending a food monopoly that is terrible forMilwaukee County, the people in our care, and their families,” said Supervisor Clancy. “Aramark has for years profited off the backs of families that can least afford it. Families oftenmust choose between paying their own bills or paying $13.50 for a burger for their incarcerated loved one.  

“We were told in no uncertain terms last year that everyone realized this monopoly was terrible, that two contracts should never have been awarded to a single entity, and that the monopoly would shortly be replaced. That has unfortunately not happened yet, but I am happy to see that we will receive a clear plan on how we can end this monopoly by bringing commissary in house. I would like to extend a special thank you to Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and EX-incarcerated People Organizing for their continued advocacy on this issue.” 

Aramark Correctional Services, LLC currently contracts with Milwaukee County to provide commissary services at the CRC as well as food services at the CRC and County Jail, giving it a monopoly on all food items sold at county detention facilities.  

In September 2021, the Board adopted legislation authored by Supervisor Clancy to cap prices on items sold in the county’s detention facilities to no more than 125% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This policy cannot be implemented until a new contract is finalized.  

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